Author: Charlotte Francesca Stiles

Meet Charlotte Francesca Stiles, a veterinarian-turned-writer dedicated to guiding pet parents and championing wildlife conservation. Having qualified in 2023, Charlotte combines her veterinary expertise with a passion for communicating essential pet care insights. Her career has taken her across Europe, from Belgium to the Galapagos, providing her with a unique perspective on animal welfare and environmental issues.

In her 15-year journey as a writer, Charlotte crafts a narrative that blends scientific knowledge with heartfelt advocacy. Her work is not only about ensuring the well-being of pets but also fostering a deep connection between humans and animals. At the center of her world is Chiki, her 15-year-old rescue dog, symbolizing the profound bond she encourages in her writings.

Join Charlotte on a literary exploration where love for animals, commitment to pet health, and dedication to wildlife conservation converge, offering a concise yet compelling glimpse into her impactful journey.

Rabies Symptoms in Dogs
Rabies Symptoms in Dogs

Rabies is a worrying disease that can affect both animals and humans but is thankfully under control in many countries. Although most dogs are vaccinated

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